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Who are we?

Rockaway Fish House has been serving authentic Southern Cuisine for over 40 years. The Founders of Rockaway Fish House James and Helen Sanders, are both indigenous of the south, their vision came into fruition in 1972 when they open a small fish and chips establishment and called it Rockaway Fish House that catered to the local residents of South Jamaica Queens. The combination of the Sanders passion, talent and dedication to cooking saturated though their dishes and gave them automatic approval throughout the community. 
The business extended into catering and party planning market in 1990. This expansion caused the Sanders to change the name from Rockaway Fish House to RCL Enterprises, to incorporate the initials of their children Roger Cynthia and Lisa. Rockaway Fish House specialize in customizing and enhancing various events for all occasions.
Rockaway Fish House has been committed to giving back to the community and organization, from feeding the homeless, giving away free food to the community on Thanks Giving, donations for summer programs for the kids and helping many Churches in the area etc.
In 2005 James Sanders passed away, it was a devastation to the business and the community. His wife Helen and their children Roger, Cynthia and Lisa, still keep his memory, dedication, love for cooking and helping the community alive every day.